To offer companies highly focused unique Project Management Plans and Service that offers a non-stop Entertainment, Production, Sponsorship, Communication, Marketing, Promotions and Event Management Facility through direct innovative and interactive marketing sampling method. Provide and manage brand awareness, loyalty that targets LSM 1 – 10 Connects consumers and brands through programs such as:

  • Brand Activation and Promotions
  • In Store Promotions and Branding.
  • Products Launch Presence
  • Campaigns and Signage
  • Edutainment
  • Road shows and Special Events.
  • Brand Merchandising Campaigns - POS
  • Training and Development – Pertaining Projects [Crews, Equipment expo, etc].
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Jazz Festivals
  • Media Planning, Advertising, Brand Contact Management
  • Consulting Services [Marketing]
  • Creative, Copywriting, Idea Generation & Crafting
  • Logistics, Storage, transport, project management